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Why Virtue? Thoughts on Virtue 9/15/05
12weeks Short ultrasound of John Francis
A Meditation on the Cross (for the comfortable) On suffering, or the lack of it
A Reading List for Christians A list of books to grow by
Another View of What Lent Means
Are UPC bar codes the "Mark of the Beast?"
Artificial Insemination
Ask a Question Page Ask a question about our faith
Batter My Heart A poem by John Donne
Bible Q and A I would like to know where Cain's wife (Genesis
Bulldog A Poem About a Bulldog
C.S. Lewis A brief biography of C. S. Lewis
Cain's Wife I would like to know where Cain's wife (Genesis
Cana I am empty.
Christian Pacifism 1
Christian Witness: Better Ways
Conversion II How do I grow in faith
Delusional Angels About People.
Door It is hard to allow God to work on us. The persistent Carpenter.
Ed and Carol Wedding Vows -1981
Elijah and the Prophets of Baal A humorous and modernized retelling of
Evangelism The reason this site was created
Faith -What We Believe A statement of our beliefs as Christians and Catholics-with links
Faith Questions From the Guestbook -9/98 to 2/99
Finish It is hard to be left incomplete.
Fish Sometimes we accept the gift, sometimes not.
Flowers Socrates said that if we knew God, we could not adequately describe Him to others
Gluttony 1
Guestbook question: Is it wrong to fool around with boyfriend/girlfriend?
Helpful Sites for Catholics Links for Catholics
Higher Ground -Chapel Index Read, Meditate, Pray, Contemplate
Higher Ground -Prayers and Poems A place of prayer.
Higher Ground: The Poetry Index The Poetry Index
Holy of Holies A Desire to Go In, But I Cannot.
Humility,Obedience and Charity These three virtues are necessary for Christians. They would lead to a great renewal in the Church if cultivated
I don't see you. A poem about seeing God in things.
John Francis Ultrasound pictures and video of our newest child
Lent and Liberation
Lord,I know too much Sometimes knowledge gives us the illusion of sanctity.
Man Is An Indefinite Possibility of Growth
Marriage -part 1 Reflection on marriage, the sacrament of matrimony
Masturbation and Alcohol
Matrimony -Part 1
Media Resources for Christians Media resources for Christians
Natural Law
Nuclear Fusion and Community Building How I came to know and follow Jesus Christ
Pornography in Marriage
Pottery Even a broken pot can hold some water.
Question About John 3
Question about Psalm 51 A guest asks about Psalm
Questions About Lent
Questions about Mary,the Mother of Jesus
Questions About Natural Family Planning Questions answered about Natural Family Planning and Catholic teaching
Questions about right and wrong
Questions and Answers Index
Questions From Marriage Talk -February 23,1999 Questions and answers about Catholic marriage.
Questions from Sexual Morality Talk Answers to questions from teens at talk
Raised by Wolves A poem about growing up weird.
Raw A Poem About Raw Material
Refuse the Mark: 666 What is the (real) Mark of the Beast
Remember Remembering the Past With Gratitude.
Response to Commentary by Bart Kosko,Monday,February 19,2001,L
Right and Wrong in the Christian Context
Seven Deadly Sins -A Prayer Against the Seven Deadly Sins The Seven Deadly Sins are really attitudes that underlie sins, whether mortal or venial, first identified by St. John Cassian (360 - 435) and refined by Pope St. Gregory the Great (540 - 604). They provide keys to understanding our faults and the actions that result, and a framework for self knowledge. If we understood fully how they factor into who we have become, we would understand much more about ourselves and our effect on others.
Seven Deadly Sins -Anger/Wrath
Seven Deadly Sins -Envy -Love of Other People's Things
Seven Deadly Sins -FAQ #1
Seven Deadly Sins -Generosity Essays on the Seven Deadly Sins, and the virtue of Generosity
Seven Deadly Sins -Gluttony
Seven Deadly Sins -Greed
Seven Deadly Sins -Lust -Soul Suffocation
Seven Deadly Sins -Pride
Seven Deadly Sins -Sloth/Acedia
Seven Deadly Sins -The Dao of Pope St. Gregory the Great
Seven Deadly Sins -Zeal Essay on Zeal
Seven Deadly Sins Questions
Seven Deadly Sins,The Essays on the Seven Deadly Sins, the virtues they oppose and the personal loss associated with them
Soldier A poem about going the wrong way.
Sound Bites
Spiritual Direction -What is it? Helpful information about seeking spiritual direction.
Tears Seeing Heaven, sort of.
Testimony of How I came to know and follow Jesus Christ
The Bible -part 1 The Bible-A practical description for Christians that can help them understand it better
The Hypostatic Union
The Incarnation
The Legend Beautiful A poem by Longfellow
The New Rosary
The Family Guestbook Guestbook for the site
Christianity and UNIX A good place to visit if you need technical help or love Jesus (or are curious about Jesus, Christianity, or the Catholic Church)
The Secrets of God A poem of expression
The Ten Commandments
This Inconstant Love
Too Many
Trellis What is the point of knowledge
Truth What is Truth
Twelve Strategies to Help You Cope With Being Catholic How to deal with being Catholic
What do Christians Believe? Common beliefs of nearly all Christians
Why Be Catholic?
Why Do I Keep Faltering? A guest asks:
Why do you seek the living among the dead? Why do Christians seek after vain things
Why Should I Go To Church? Essay on going to church
Why Was This Site Created? The reason this site was created
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Case 3
Case 4
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Case 7
Case 8
Case 9 - Full Analysis